Posted by: hick0188 | May 11, 2012

done for sure…

I want to update anybody who might see this as I complete my MFP.  I predicted this might happen (a lack of posts in the last month(s) of my project).  I figured I owe it to those of you who may have actually looked at this blog on occasion or even followed my blog.  I am attaching my project summary, which is an abstract of my entire final project.  I don’t claim that this summary does the project justice as the project contained a much greater depth of exploration and architecture than can be presented in a 12 page document.  This, however, was the final deliverable I was required to complete for my Masters Degree.  I would love to continue the work I did in this project and if nothing else, have the work presented mean something for somebody involved in the community in which the work was done for.

There were unique factors involved in this project and things I could not control, nor could I persuade.  I hope that the work I have done can go beyond the academic exercise and contribute ideas for the community in which the project was conducted.  I started the project as a means to produce my MFP, but I have always hoped that it might provide an alternative idea as to what could be.  The school I have spent the preceding 5 months exploring has a unique future in store.  It may end up being demolished, as community members (and economics) say that the building is beyond any realistic reuse.  But in looking at the building and presenting an idea, although far-reaching and idealistic, offers an alternative future for the building and site.

No matter what the outcome of the future of Wildwood Elementary, I have enjoyed my project and it’s exploration of space and architecture.  I hope too, that the decision makers of the community can see past the immediate and pursue a future that involves a more opportunistic reuse for the school.

My Masters Final Project summary….Hickcox_MFP Summary



  1. Great job! I have been waiting for more blogs but I knew you were rather busy. Thanks for sharing this important step in your life!

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