Posted by: hick0188 | March 6, 2012

catalyst week…

catalyst |ˈkatl-ist|


figurative a person or thing that precipitates an event : the governor’s speech acted as a catalyst for debate.

I thought this was a good beginning for my thoughts today.  We are beginning catalyst week at the School of Architecture in the College of Design.  It is a fun week in the graduate program where you are coming off of the end of some module classes and just before spring break.  It is a special week of class that is intended to spark an interest and provide a break from the typical.  You take a weeklong class that is somewhat off pace from the typical architecture curriculum, but typically related to design in some fashion.  Although, I as a third year don’t have to take a catalyst class, there is still a nice aura about the school during this time (maybe that is the anticipation of Spring Break around the corner).

Nevertheless, I have been busy on my project, specifically focusing on program and spatial scale with concern to my previous three iterations.  Here is a diagram of my three iterations, with respect to my three main program categories.

ProgramDiagrams_3 Schemes

I’ve been able to break it down to the big swathes of area and this is helpful in beginning to assign actual sizes to each spatial type.  From here I am tweaking the three iterations and in the next week, begin to hone my ideas back and have one schematic design.

I am at an exciting part of my project because this is my favorite part of designing.  You get to begin to work on the puzzle that is design, working on spatial relationships.  In my case I have issues of new and old, interactive spaces, security, safety, site, access, sectional qualities, day lighting, etc.  The list goes on, but these become some of the main things I will be concerned with in the next week as I begin to nail down a design for our next crosscheck review.

I want to mention another very important issue with my project.  The idea of intergenerational interaction is my driving theme.  The big question is:  how do you use architecture to create interaction?  I continue to talk about these interactions that “happen,” but how does that actually transpire.  I have ideas of movement through the space and ways of controlling and managing how people move through a space, but is this enough to foster and encourage interaction?  Also there are ideas of public vs. private space, designing so there are appropriate levels of forced public shared space.   These are just a couple of ideas used to create interactions.  I would like to continue to explore what this means and possible diagram these concepts as I continue.

Next on tap for this week, architecturalize (new word I made up) my diagrams.  I need to take my diagrams of the building and begin to think about them holistically and architecturally.  Until then!


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