Posted by: hick0188 | February 26, 2012

sweet dreams…

Well, I woke this morning at 4am after dreaming a little too much about my project.  From time to time, when I’m thinking about a given project 24/7, I begin to dream about diagrams and my building.  I wrote some things down and went back to bed for a while.  I don’t typically mind this other than when it stops me from sleeping.  Things have started really picking up on the project.  I spent most of the last week figuring out the structure of Wildwood.  I had initially assumed that the building had load-bearing CMU walls.  After pouring over the drawings for quite some time now, I’ve concluded that there is actually a steel framework embedded in all of the CMU walls.  This is good, as it will allow me to be a little more flexible with some of the moves I make later on down the road.

I recently have begun to do some site and building studies with respect to program.  I’m trying to think of larger program spacing.  Along with this, I was encouraged to look at circulation as a driving focus.  Here are some diagrams that begin to speak to both circulation and program.



My next step is to really get into the activities I want in this building.  I’d like to create a really thorough matrix of information regarding all of the programs.  Also, I have some important diagrams in mind as well.

I think there are some precedents and business models that would be beneficial to my thinking of this as a holistic facility.  I’m thinking of the YMCA model.  I was driving home the other morning from a visit to my building and I noticed a billboard for YMCA.  The image was of the head and torso of a young child with the arm of an adult lifting a weight.  To me it really hit home as to the interactions that can occur in this facility.

I drove by another YMCA billboard tonight (yes, this post has been transpiring for multiple days).  I looked into their programming online tonight as well; it aligns quite nicely with what I have been thinking for my facility.  I’m beginning to believe that calling my facility a YMCA would not be completely out of line.  I’m not going to jump to any conclusions, but I think this should be explored further in the coming days.


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