Posted by: hick0188 | February 16, 2012


After the review last Friday, I was thinking about all of the great comments I received and realized that getting a slight kick in the pants is a good thing.  I have said that I would rather get feedback that means something and has value for my project than to just show up and get praise.  My review was very helpful and I would say my critics were happy with the information and ideas that I brought, but certainly were encouraging me to look in some other directions than which I was headed.  The idea of the building as a structure that needs to be saved for ecological reasons was valid, but not necessarily relevant to the project.  I will be thinking about where this type of thinking will be as I move forward with the project.

I’m going to give a little breakdown of what was said and the direction in which I will be taking my project next.

Site thoughts:             Water on the site

Buildings response to the site

Listen to existing conditions

Water through site as joinery

Connection to city/other systems

Program thoughts:  Site and program overlap

Unpack decisions:  program as driver

Rename program (as activity)

Daily change of use of spaces

Schedule of facility

Building thoughts:  Unpack and repack design decisions

Understand structural

I was told to take a more aggressive approach to whatever intervention or redefinition of the project that I take.  I think this is important because I was tip-toeing around with what I want this space to be, when I have ideas that I need to simply state and go with, full steam ahead.  I think a lot of these ideas have been in my mind and I have been verbalizing sporadically rather than showing or explicitly stating what it is that I’m thinking.  It was suggested to re-approach the naming conventions that I had started with.  I was calling my three program ideas as “community center, senior center, and recreation center,” when I was really thinking of spaces that held similar functions as these traditional program types.  The small change I have had in mind that is essential to how these spaces will function is there ability to be intergenerational spaces and programs.  This morning during breakfast I came up with a list of activities that I imagine happening in this facility.  I’ve come up with a new working title as well, “All ages—No Cover,” a little play on the usual bar or club advertisement.  I’m not sure if it’s universally understood what I mean by no cover, but we’ll see how it’s received as I throw it out there.  Here’s my list of activities that will be in the facility.


There was even a discussion of the name of the school, “Wildwood.”  It is a great name that was based on the area as it was named when the city began as a resort town.  But the name is an exciting name, describing the landscape and area.  The question was how do you create Wildwood as the name was initially thought of?  How do you re-inhabit Wildwood?  How do you re-engage Wildwood?  The interactions that are going to happen need to engage with the site and also engage with each other!


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