Posted by: hick0188 | February 1, 2012

i’m back…

It’s been a little while since I’ve written on here.  I suppose it has been a little of life catching up with me and also there may not be a lot to talk about right now.  I’ve been busy continuing my site analysis as well as doing a little modeling.  I’m trying to set myself up so I can begin to think about the future of this school in design terms.  Tomorrow I will be spending most of my day coming up with a few schematic ideas for the site.  We were asked to have some ideas for class Friday, which I am excited to begin thinking in these terms.  I don’t think that I have completed my site analysis, not that one ever does, but I think it will be good to start thinking about design as I move forward.  Sometimes you get so wrapped up in research and analysis that you forget to just jump in and get your feet wet!

Yesterday I was working from home and a friend (thanks Will) texted me that Tom Fisher, the Dean of our college (The College of Design) was on Midday on MPR.  The broadcast was talking about dealing with abandoned spaces.  This is a very applicable subject and was a very interesting discussion.  There are myriad reasons to keep existing structures and rethink their purpose rather than destroying them.

“We’re going to start seeing a lot of mixes of uses…that will in fact enliven a lot of these communities.”                        -Thomas Fisher

One comment made on the show was with concern to LEED certification, questioning what is more sustainable, designing a new LEED platinum building or rehabilitate an existing building?  It was suggested that rehabilitating a new building would always be more sustainable.  I would like to look into some of this research, as I think it is completely relevant and necessary to my project.


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