Posted by: hick0188 | January 23, 2012

triple p…

I’m posting our writing assignment for today, this will be an ongoing set of statements that I imagine will change quite a bit from what I’m posting today.  We were to write 100 words each about program, purpose, and place.

Program: The program for the Wildwood Elementary Adaptive Reuse project will include a multi-purposed civic center.  In attempting to make use of the existing structure, with minimal additions or subtractions, the building will accommodate a recreational facility, hinging on a new indoor ice arena.  Typical facilities for an arena will be present, such as concessions and commons areas, and locker rooms.  In addition to the main facility, auxiliary space will be allotted for flexible space.  Classrooms and adult/community education spaces will fit into other areas, this could also act as a senior center.  The intent will be to have spaces interwoven with intergenerational participants.

Purpose: The purpose for this project is to actively address an existing site and building.  Adaptively reusing the existing structure is not only an economically important direction for this project, it speaks to greater societal ideals that need to be addressed.  The issue of simply demolishing buildings that we have decided are no longer relevant is something that will be explored closer.   Through the rethinking of this school building, new life can be brought to Mahtomedi.  In addressing some of the major issues of the site, ecological concerns can be managed and more importantly, celebrated.

Place: Mahtomedi is a small, suburban town northeast of the Twin Cities.  It is a town that began as a cottage site for city dwellers and was located on one of the most easterly-located streetcar lines.  Located directly adjacent to White Bear Lake, water issues have and will continue to have great effect on the lives and ecology of the community.  There are also other communities within a short drive, including the city of White Bear Lake.  The specific location of the building site is within a low-density residential neighborhood.  The site is located on Warner avenue north, a mid-level street, just blocks from the downtown area.


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