Posted by: hick0188 | January 23, 2012

know it all…

We have jumped into our typical schedule for studio meetings with Dave, Monday’s we will meet in groups of three and Wednesday’s will be individual meetings.  Today, being a group meeting, the two others in my group talked about their projects and then I went.  I started blabbering on about my project, oh; I forgot to mention we were reading our (3) 100-word statements we had written for Dave.  I have heard rumor that this is something that Perkins + Will does typically with there projects, that is, thinking about them in terms of program, purpose and place.  I gave the disclaimer that I didn’t think my program statement was where it needed to be and that the program of my project was an area in which needed greater research.  I said to Dave that I was still working on figuring it out and that I thought it would change from what I had written.  He made a smart comment, basically saying that I should let him tell me that.  We all laughed and I continued describing the direction I’m headed.  We discussed some more, and it’s becoming clear that the focus for me at this point will be program.  The major issue has been laid out in my mind;

determining what the appropriate mixture of program is for my space(s).

Dave talked about a few other nuances of program, such as:  using inventive ways of looking at program, especially subtlety in appropriate program combinations, and lastly considering the complexity of functions in spaces.

I’ve had it in my mind that the design I will produce will have a variety of programs.  Dave posed a question of whether I thought the school would continue to be a single program space, to which I replied that it would not.  I don’t think I had made that clear until tonight.  Now the trick will be to place with the complexities of what should be involved.

Here’s what my gut is telling me will be involved, a civic center for multi-generational interaction.  We talked a little about the flexibility of spaces.  I have it in my mind to create some type of sports facility, a hockey arena specifically.  I also would try to incorporate some additional recreational space that is super flexible.  I understand that a hockey rink is pretty specific in its function, but I see some of these auxiliary spaces as providing the flexibility.  Also, the sports area is one ‘wing’ of this complex.  I think there are community rooms, classrooms, adult education spaces, and activity rooms.  These are the types of spaces that really revel in the ability to intermix the generations.  Kids that are here for afterschool activities may work with seniors who are there because it is there senior center.  Mixing activity programming is key to involving all generations.  I’m getting closer to what I initially had in mind, but I don’t think any of this means much until I do some additional research to consider the feasibility of certain programs.  I am aware too; scale is going to be an incredibly important factor when considering my site and the city where this project is located.

'Underground Berlin, a film treatment' by Lebbeus Woods

I include this last bit as a treat for the eyes (as recommended by Dave of course).  Lebbeus Woods, an architect and artist, has some great images that he has done, specifically related here based on the comment from Dave about “complexity of function.”   Take a look at Lebbeus Woods’ blog,  This image is ‘Underground Berlin, a film treatment’ he did in 1988.


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