Posted by: hick0188 | January 21, 2012

everyone knows now…

Friday during studio, we presented to each other in our section.  It was a great unveiling for my project.  It was really great to hear what others are going to pursue for the rest of the semester.  There are people at all different levels of development in their thoughts.  Some have sites, but not programs; others have programs but not sites.  Some simply have their idea but not necessarily a site or program.  All of the proposals were interesting and I am excited to see them as they are developed throughout the semester.  The Pecha Kucha format was great!  Once we got the timing and transition issues figured out, things went pretty smoothly.  The format worked really well because you could present, succinctly, and then have a quick little discussion as a group about each project.

During the discussion time, I received some great feedback.  Some good points were brought up to consider as I move forward.  Some of these issues were already on my radar and others were new to me.

Changing demographics of the area

Unique site qualities

Broader issue of schools being abandoned—why are they failing?

Water issues—catchment area of White Bear Lake?

This project is more than just the building

Appropriate level of development for site and city

We had some pretty great discussions about all of the proposals, which often lead to larger discussions in general.  One topic that came up and I believe will become one of the main themes for this semester is how our society doesn’t have a problem with waste.  This isn’t just thrash, but buildings as well.  Dave talked about when he was younger and people would just throw trash out the window while driving.

Littering was a little more typical and apparently people didn’t think anything of it.  Obviously this was realized to be a bad practice and eventually our society changed, we learned to manage thrash and waste.  But the general perception of thrash or waste is still the norm.  We are not afraid to throw things away; it is just something that we do.   Including our buildings, we aren’t afraid to demolish a building and send the remains to a landfill.

It’s great that we have learned to manage waste, but relearning how to live without producing the waste is key.

Now that I’ve rambled plenty about this topic, I’ll try and rein myself in a little.  Essentially what I will be looking at is how to ‘adaptively reuse’ the existing building.  I want to figure out how to use what is there and possibly add to it, if necessary.

One last tidbit from Dave, when discussing how to program a space he made the comment  “don’t stuff an envelope so full that you can’t mail it.”  I wouldn’t say this is a direct quote, but sums up what he was saying.  I think this will be good advice for me as I decide what to program my space with.


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